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VOCES Special Education Program / Full Inclusion Program

The Intellectually Disabled (ID) program at Valley Oaks Center for Enriched Studies (VOCES) Magnet provides instruction to students with moderate to severe disabilities who are currently on the Alternate Curriculum. This program is intended to enrich the lives of each student so that they may be ready to functionally engage within their community after high school. Our program also maximizes integration opportunities within the community by providing students with community based instructional activities, and after school programs which create a greater sense of independence and confidence for our student population. 


Student's in the resource specialist program (RSP) participate in the full inclusion program in our general education setting with in classroom supports. 

Students with IEP's participate in Math and English classes co-taught by general and special education teachers with further services provided by paraprofessionals to ensure adequate implementation of accommodations to access the general education curriculum. 

General and special educators meet every other Monday to co-plan lessons for appropriate implementation of accommodations in their curriculum-